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Physiotherapy Clinic

The Tasmanian Spine Service Physiotherapy Clinic is dedicated to the management of patients with spine related pain, and those recovering after spinal surgery.

Physiotherapists, Kate Thomas and Sarah Jane Benson, have been pursuing their special interest in spinal physiotherapy for 18 years, keeping abreast of the latest research developments in this field and incorporating use of the latest technologies into their treatment programs.

Patients attending the clinic can expect a thorough musculoskeletal assessment that includes identifying postural stresses and strains, poor movement patterns, restricted spinal movement, impaired core stability, altered muscle function, joint strains and other factors that cause spinal pain.

Treatment may include “hands on” physiotherapy techniques, specific exercises for regaining optimal muscle length, tension, and activation patterns, the use of ultrasound imaging to retrain function of the deep core muscles, and “Vimoves” assessment and training of spinal range of movement, sound movement patterns, and safe bending and lifting techniques.

Tasmanian Spine Service Physiotherapy Clinic is affiliated with Antill Physiotherapy, and patients attending the clinic may participate in programs offered at Antill, including hydrotherapy, strength, fitness and stability training, and Tai Chi for improving balance and movement control.


Sarah Jane Benson


Kate Thomas


Izzy Viljoen


Jackie Dynan 

Physiotherapist Sarah Jane Benson   Physiotherapist Kate Thomas   Izzy Viljoen   Jackie Dynan